Medical Cosmetology

Medical Cosmetology Skin & Hair Problem??? Look no further!!! Treatments Skin Tightening Laser Hair removal Tattoo Removal Hair Fall Treatment Fairness Programme Pigmentation Treatment Fat Reduction Non Surgical Body Contouring Pimples / Pimples Scars Treatment Post delivery recovery programme Varicose vein Treatment Vaginal Tightening (Non Surgical)  

Mrs. Ranjani S

Very good care given by all the staffs. Thanks a lot to Dr.Saranya and Dr.Karthik for their positive energy and care. Thanks to NICU, Pediatric Staff for helping us in handling of our baby. Dr.Anjana, Dr.Shobana, Dr. Radhika answered all our questions.

Surgical Cosmetology

To look good… is to feel good…. Procedures Aesthetic Breast Surgery Breast reduction Breast augmentation Breast lift Nipple size reduction Inverted nipple correction New nipple creation Axillary breast correction Cosmetic Gyneacology Labioplasty Vaginoplasty Hymenoplasty (Surgical Revirginisation) Public liposuction Mons lift Clitoral hood reduction Labial augmentation Vaginal tightening by surgery Vaginal tightening by fat injection  

Dental Care

A Healthy smile for New Life!!! Dental Checkup Before, During and After Pregnancy Gum infection increases the risk of low birth weight and preterm babies Tooth Decay progresses faster during pregnancy and lactation Tooth Infection enters the Blood stream and can impact the baby Children Dentistry Glittering coloured filling Myo functional braces Preventive Dentistry Seal out decay with Pit & Fissure Sealants & Fluoride Myobraces…

Prenatal Classes

Caring for pregnant women through a normal pregnancy and childbirth is an area of priority for Womens Center (TM). Debunking Myths Handling Pregnancy discomforts Exercises Meditation Coping techniques for Labor (Breathing & Relaxation techniques) Labor Prenatal Stimulation Age appropriate play Caring for your self – Post partum Care New Born Care Breast Feeding Session for Husband For the first time in Coimbatore classes by An…