pediatric department

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  • Paediatric department has full time and part time consultants and registrars, trained in India and abroad . We offer wide range of services from common illness to complex paediatric problems.
  • We provide inpatient services for children in a family-friendly environment, with our team of trained nurses. We also have facilities to observe unwell children in our assessment bay, till a decision is made to admit or discharge with a written plan.
  • Our paediatric team provides lactation support to all our postnatal mothers, motivate and educate them on techniques of breast feeding and provide information to the family on appropriate diet, adequate rest and psycological support for nursing mother.
  • Any problems associated with breast feeding are identified and rectified as early as possible. Prior to discharge, parents are taught to identify any common problems apart from demonstrating routine care of newborn.
  • We have outpatient clinics lead by paediatric consultants running almost through the day. Registrars on duty see the patients at night. In our well baby clinics we do anthropometry, assess the nutritional status, developmental milestones and provide immunization.
  • Our weaning clinic educate the parents and family on the importance of adequate nutrition and healthy start for the baby.
  • In our general paediatric clinic, we see children with common problems to specialized conditions like Asthma, Allergy, Epilepsy, Sickle cell disease, Gastro intestinal problems, etc.
  • We have a visiting paediatric surgeon to attend to paediatric surgical cases. Our radiologist and her team helps us with x-ray, ultrasound and MRI , if required.
  • Children who are sick requiring intensive care are stabilized and transferred to Paediatric Intensive Care.
Dr Abirami Kuppurajan, DCH, MRCPCH