• Colposcopy is a field microscope which offer good view of cervix, vagina, vulva and help us detect abnormalities.
  • Cervical cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in India.
  • Cervical cancer is preventable and if diagnosed in precancerous stage it is 100% treatable.
  • We have skilled doctors trained in colposcopy from best centers in India and the UK.

Facilities at our center

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  • Video digital and optical colposcopes
  • Papsmear
  • Liquid based cytology for HPV HR DNA


  • LOOP Electrosurgical excision procedure(LEEP)
  • Large loop excision of transformation zone(LLETZ)
  • Cauterisation of lesions
  • We do treat large ectropian by colposcopy directed electro cautery
  • We provide vaccines for cervical cancer from the age group 9 to 45 years
  • We also conduct awareness program for the public
  • We conduct FOGSI certified basic and advanced colposcopy courses with hands on training
  • Overall we do steps in preventing cervical cancer