The feel of love at first sight!

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It’s just a flash, but every fraction of it could be remembered better. That was the most breath taking moment every women could face. From the jiffy of feeling the movements in the womb to the most agonizing contractions- everything, the pain, the tears, lack of sleep, surging hormones, the mental and physical stresses- vanished the moment she saw her little one!

She just felt so infuriated amid the noises and lights of the labor room, which of all those feelings was replaced by love and astonishment that she could actually make such perfect little one! The first time she touched those little fingers, the weight of world around her disappeared.

It was breath-less, heart-aching that combined with happy tears! The feel was more of illuminating realization of amazing epiphany.

It was at that moment that she felt the sense of responsibility and the love that is being a parent, truly the life changing juncture.

Abinandhini Ramamoorthy