As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure” Womens Center has a department dedicated to Preventive Gynecology, that addresses a wide range of conditions of women that fall in the adolescent, reproductive, perimenopal to post menopausal age group. We have highly trained doctors that tailor treatment to the patient needs.
Our preventive health care package provide full spectrum of health services for:

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If your condition becomes severe, call your doctor immediately. But even if you are not the perfect candidate for a pregnancy, and so many of us do not get pregnant. You should know about it, since it is very helpful for asthma and other conditions.

  • Cancer screening for cervix, breast, endometrium, ovaries by liquid based cytology, colposcopy, mammogram, sonohysterogram, tumour markers like CA-125 & CA 19-9
  • Osteoporotic screening which includes serum calcium, phosphorous, vitamin D3, Dexascan (Bone densitometry)
  • Cardiac screening which includes ECG, ECHO, Treadmill test, Consultation by cardiologist.
  • Dental screening by our Dentist.
  • In order to provide holistic care for the patient, we have included in our health check ups, diet counseling with a dietician who gives a personalised diet chart with periodic monitoring.
  • We have dedicated team of physiotherapists who tailor the exercises according to the needs of the patient. We also have fitness center with an in-house trainer.
  • We not only take care of the body but also the mind and soul with Psychological counseling and family counseling, that helps our patients deal with difficult phases in their lives and relationships.
  • With all these amenities Womens Center offers complete care of Women of all age group.
  • With all these check ups, our team of Doctors provide overall assessment of health, diagnose and treat disease, advice regarding future followups.