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  •   Pain management with electrotherapy
  •   Weight reduction exercises
  •   Exercises for irregular periods
  •   Postnatal abdomen strengthening exercises
  •   Antenatal – Stretces, Strengthening, breathing and labour class reviews
  •   Annual medicalcheck up package exercises
  •   Weight reduction exercises – 1 day
  •   Weight reduction exercises – 1 week
  •   Antenatal classes conducted by Vriksham
  •   Post Natal exercises when patient is in labour ward
  •   Post operative exercises when patient is in OT or wards.

Fitness Center – Monthly / Quarterly / Half-yearly and Annual Packages available

Flooring exercises
o Stretches for all group of muscles
o Strengthening for all group of muscles
o Swiss Ball exercises
o Stepper
o Cardio
o Weight Lifting exercises