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  • Dr. K.S. Govindarajan – MBBS – Managing Director
  • Dr. Mirudhubashini Govindarajan – FRCS (C) – Clinical Director
  • Dr. Raghuram Govindarajan – MBBS., MBA – Director
  • Mr. Jayaram Govindarajan – MBA – Executive Director
  • Mr. Mithra Prabhu – MBA – CEO

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • Dr.Divya MS (OG) – Consultant
  • Dr.Nirmala MD., DGO – Consultant
  • Dr. Vishranthi MD(OG) – Consultant( Fellow in Endoynecology)

Department of Maternal Fetal Medicine

  • Dr. Anuradha – DNB(OG) – Fellow in Fetal Medicine
  • Dr. Saranya – MD(OG).,DNB (OG) – Consultant (Fellowship in Fetal Medicine)
  • Dr. Selvanandhini – MD(OG) – Consultant (Fellowship in Fetal Medicine)
  • Dr. Molshree – Fellow in Fetal Medicine

Department of Reproductive Medicine

  • Dr. Aarthi – DGO DNB – Consultant (Fellowship Rep.Med), Trichy
  • Dr. Arulmozhi – MD (OG) – Consultant (Fellowship Rep.Med), Chennai
  • Dr. Banumathy – DGO Consultant (Fellowship Rep.Med), Trichy
  • Dr. Geetha R – MBBS.,MS(OG) – Consultant, Coimbatore
  • Dr. Jeyanthi – MD OG – Consultant, Salem
  • Dr. Kavitha – MD – Consultant (Fellowship Rep.Med), Salem
  • Dr. Pramya Nanjundan – MD (OG)., DNB(OG) – Consultant (Fellowship Rep.Med), Coimbatore
  • Dr. Ramya Jayaram – MS., PDF (Endo Gyneac) – Consultant (Fellowship Rep.Med), Coimbatore
  • Dr. Sindhuri – MS (OG) – (Fellow Rep.Med), Coimbatore
  • Dr. Uma Shankari – MD (OG) – Consultant (Fellowship Rep.Med), Trichy
  • Dr. Usha – MS (OG) – Consultant (Fellowship Rep.Med), Chennai
  • Ms.Divya – BSc Microbiologist – Embryologist
  • Ms.Madhumitha – Embryologist
  • Ms.Sri Saranya – MAS (Clinical Embryology) – Embryologist

Department of Neonatologist

  • Dr. Karthik – MD (Paed) DM (Neonatology) 
  • Dr. Saranya Manickaraj, MD (Pead) Fellowship in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (C)
  • Dr. Shobana
  • Dr. Radhiga

Department of Pediatrics

  • Dr. Abirami – MRCPCH

Department of Medical Imaging

  • Dr. Kalpana – DNB., RDMS

Department of Gyne Endoscopy - Laparoscopy / Hysteroscopy

  • Dr. Ramya Jayaram – MS(OG)., PDF (Endo Gyneac)
  • Dr. Vishranthi – MD(OG)

Department of Anesthesiology

  • Dr. Ekambarakrishnan – MD
  • Dr. Subha – MD

Department of Andrology

  • Dr. S V Kandasamy – MS., MCH
  • Dr. Shah Dupesh – MBBS, FICS (Andrology), Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Embryology (PGDCE) – Consultant (Andrologist), Chennai
  • Dr. Tara Mahendran – PhD